First in Ground Game: Governor Chris Christie will give what has been dubbed as a major speech on entitlement reform in New Hampshire next week. He is scheduled to deliver his remarks at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics Tuesday at 11am.

The New Jersey Republican’s speech will be coupled with a town hall meetingWednesday in Londonderry.

Popping this morning

Scott Walker drawing notice with shifting stances by Matt Viser in The Boston Globe: As Scott Walker “continues to consider running for president, he appears to be following the playbook of Mitt Romney in 2008: Adopt positions that are more conservative than your record, in an attempt to appeal to the Republican base. But the strategy is raising questions about his core convictions, and threatens to take him out of the top tier of candidates in the crucial early-voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire.”

Paul launches GOP bid, aiming to expand reach in the New York Times: “Offering a conservative message threaded with a contrarian strain of libertarianism that he hopes will appeal to minority and younger voters, [Rand] Paul is taking perhaps the most unconventional and untested route to assembling the broader coalition that many Republicans say they will need next year.”

Fact checking Rand Paul’s announcement speech in The Washington Post: “The Kentucky senator played fast and loose with some facts in his big speech.”

At NJ town hall, teacher urges Gov. Christie to tone it down in the Associated Press: “A kindergarten teacher on Tuesday urged Gov. Chris Christie to tone down his combative style, warning the potential presidential contender that his temper wouldn’t play well across the country.”

Rand Paul plans campaign against Hillary Clinton honesty in Politico: “Sen. Rand Paul, sitting down with POLITICO an hour after announcing his presidential bid, repeatedly attacked the honesty of Hillary Clinton and what he called the “shenanigans” of her family foundation — a window into his plan to make an issue of her character even during the Republican primaries.”

Do splashy campaign kickoffs matter? in Politico Magazine: “The realities of social media mean that candidates themselves, every bit as much as traditional news organizations, can control the manner and means of spreading their message — while gathering thousands of email addresses and other contact information from potential supporters and raising money online in the process.”

Ceding Nothing to Bush, Clinton Lays Groundwork in Florida in National Journal: “While those close to Hillary Clinton maintain that her immediate attention will be focused on Iowa and New Hampshire, the early-voting states that kick off the primary season, Florida Democrats say her camp is taking early steps in the state—a place that has both lifted and frustrated the Clintons’ political careers.”

Sharpton to lead advocacy campaign in advance of 2016 election in The Washington Post: “Priorities will include opposing state religious objections laws and seeking criminal justice reforms.”

U.S. secretly tracked billions of calls for decades in USA Today: “The U.S. government started keeping secret records of Americans’ international telephone calls nearly a decade before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, harvesting billions of calls in a program that provided a blueprint for the far broader National Security Agency surveillance that followed.”

High voter turnout in Ferguson adds two black council members, for three total in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “For the first time in Ferguson’s 120-year history, the City Council will have three African-American members, but even so, Tuesday’s election was less than a clear victory for the throngs of volunteers who poured into the city in a last-minute push to sway voters.”

Number of the day: 68

Rand Paul is 5 foot 8 inches — or 68 inches — tall, which would make him the shortest nominee for president since Michael Dukakis, according to Bloomberg Politics.

New Hampshire chatter

In hours after friend’s arrest, Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas may have saved his life on WMUR-TV: “According to Manchester police, [Ted] Gatsas was called Fridaynight to check on [Dave] Wihby. When Gatsas arrived at Wihby’s home, he found the 62-year-old in his bedroom, where he was unresponsive and appeared to be having trouble breathing. Gatsas called 911, and the operator instructed him to perform CPR, according to the police report. Wihby seemed to be responding to the CPR, so Gatsas continued until emergency workers arrived, police said.”

Now a candidate, Rand Paul makes NH stop at Murphy’s Taproom in the Union Leader: “While he didn’t say much during a 15-minute stop at Murphy’s TaproomTuesday night, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky did pick up at least one, if not two, key New Hampshire endorsements in his run for the Republican presidential nomination.”

Ex-GOP candidate Jon Huntsman returns to N.H. in The Boston Globe: “Former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is scheduled to quietly slip back into New Hampshire this week. He’s seeking to influence the White House race in 2016 but not as a candidate.”

Iowa chatter

Trump hires three more Iowans for staff in the Des Moines Register: “Brad Nagel, Ryan Keller, and Chris Hupke will join [Donald] Trump as advisers. Keller and Hupke claim past campaign experience, according to a press release, while Nagel is a retired Navy SEAL. All three are native or life-long Iowans.”

South Carolina

It is all about this today > North Charleston officer faces murder charge after video shows him shooting man in back in the Charleston Post and Courier: “A white North Charleston police officer was arrested on a murder charge after a video surfacedTuesday of the lawman shooting eight times at a 50-year-old black man as the man ran away.”

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